2011 Desktop Girl Tournament - Final Four

The 2011 Hottest Desktop Girl of the Week Tournament has crowned its regional champs, which means we are now in the Final Four. Now, there was a solid amount of time throughout the week when I was ready to be horrified by the results, but my voters came through in the end. Let's take a look at the Regional Finals.

Janet Pym Region
- Rachel McAdams (53.3%) def. Aly Michalka

Natasha Romanoff Region
- Emma Stone (77.8%) def. Emily Blunt

Carol Danvers Region
- Summer Glau (82.2%) def. Katrina Bowden

Jessica Drew Region
- Sarah Michelle Gellar (51.1%) def. Brooklyn Decker.

Honestly, after Michalka knocked out Sofia Vergara, I was kind of rooting for her to win this round, just to set up the "Easy A" showdown in the Final Four, but McAdams is a worth victor. And Gellar edged out Decker on the final day (thanks to some lobbying on my Twitter account), setting up a Whedonverse clash against Summer Glau.

Here are the official Final Four Matchups:

Rachel McAdams

Emma Stone

Summer Glau

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Matchup of the day will run tomorrow and Friday, and then I may have some special DGOW related content on Monday and Tuesday. The voting tool I use will actually be down for part of the day Saturday, so get your votes in early. Assuming no disasters in scheduled voting, the championship match should be set on August 31, and voting on that will run through September 10. Then on Wednesday, September 14, I'll unveil the 2011 DGOW Tournament champion.

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