San Diego, Here I Come

I booked this trip so long ago that it's hard to believe that it's finally here, but in just a few short days I'll be in San Diego. A whale's vagina... no, that can't be right (note to self: get all "Anchorman" references out of system now, unless you want to look like a tool for the entire show). I've been to plenty of conventions over the last few years, but this is the big one. San Diego Comic-Con.

I'm not flying out until Wednesday, but I'm already about 90% packed. Normally for a show I'd be bringing a big stack of books to get signed, but I want to keep things light for SDCC. Plus, I'm flying out, so i cant exactly just stash a longbox in my back seat, and I'm going down to Baltimore next month, which will be more of a creator focused show anyway.

As of right now, my personal schedule is currently filled up with panels and a few high profile signings, with plenty of plan Bs in case I can't get into things. My biggest priority for the entire show is Thursday's "Ringer" panel, marking Sarah Michelle Gellar's second-ever SDCC appearance. Still, if for some reason I miss out on that, I'll still have a good time, because, mean, it's San Diego.

I'll be sure to share pictures and stories throughout the show, so stay tuned to or follow me on Twitter (@AdamReisinger) for updates.