San Diego Comic-Con Update: Oh My Joss...

So today was something of a good news, bad news kind of day for me here at San Diego Comic-Con. First, the bad news: I struck out at all three ticketed signings I went for, failing to get a wristband for Eliza Dushku, Rose McGowan or Joss Whedon. The good news was just about everything else.

Originally, I'd thought that the noon Dark Horse Whedonverse signing was ticketed, but it wasn't, so I was able to get the last of my Buffy covers signed by Georges Jeanty, the three Dollhouse #1 covers signed by Andrew Chambliss and some other stuff signed by Zack Whedon and Jo Chen (as an aside, I got a bunch of Buffy stuff signed by Jo on Friday, which turned into something of an all artists day for me with little else on my slate).

Now, I'd planned to go to the Joss panel, but the line at the Indigo Ballroom had been stupid long all morning, so I ducked into Hall H -- which, surprisingly had no line -- to catch the Knights of Badassdom panel. The opportunity to see Ryan Kwanten, Danny Pudi and, of course, Summer Glau in person, which was stupid awesome. Summer is more beautiful in person, and the movie looks really interesting.

I'd have all sorts of cool info to share from that panel, but I was checking Twitter, and apparently following the "Community" panel at 1, Indigo emptied. Not only that, but the line disappeared, as the majority of people in that line were waiting to get into "Community" but got turned away. So off to Joss I went, making it to catch the back end of the Bob Schreck/Frank Miller panel.

Joss started a few minutes later, and was awesome. There was lots of discussion about his old projects, some insight into "Buffy Season 9" and "Angel & Faith", and even confirmation that Dr. Horrible 2 is coming and some songs are already written for it. I took a lot of pictures, and this one video, of a pretty cool question and answer (sorry for the shakiness... my arms, legs and pretty much everything else really hurt right now).

Yeah, Joss Whedon is definitely my master now.

Hell, how awesome has this weekend been? Sarah Michelle Gellar, Summer Glau and Joss Whedon? That's like the Whedonverse holy trinity. I guess the only way it can get better is if I somehow connect with Nathan Fillion tomorrow. Here's hoping.

Updated SDCC 2011 Photo Album