The San Diego Comic-Con Swag Unpacking

This may seem like its coming late, since San Diego Comic-Con ended on Sunday, and it's now Tuesday, but I didn't fly back from San Diego until 1:45 p.m. Pacific Time yesterday. That meant I arrived in Boston -- where I flew out of last week -- at around 10 p.m. Eastern Time and finally walked into my door in Connecticut at 1 a.m. on Tuesday. So it's been a long trip back.

However, I am now officially unpacked, and in going through the unpacking process, I realized just how much swag I ended up with.

Now, for many SDCC attendees, the term "swag" refers to all the free stuff the booths are giving away throughout the show, but, honestly, I tried to avoid partaking in a lot of those giveaways. The fact is, the majority of those T-shirts, mini-posters, bags and various other knick-knacks end up stuffed away in the bottom of drawers or in boxes in basements, and I didn't want to overload my luggage with stuff I knew I wouldn't care about next week, much less next year.

Instead, I bought a lot of stuff, most of which I wouldn't have had access to outside of this show (or a show in general). So here is all of that stuff. Obviously, with lots of pictures, this is going to be a long post, so buckle up.

I preordered this Emma Frost statue awhile back and picked it up at the show. The transparent look is really cool, even if the Bishoujo line isn't usually one I collect. I do think I need to cool it (no pun intended) on the Emma statues -- this one makes seven in my living room.

My niece is a huge "Doctor Who" fan, so I picked these up for her. The Sonic Screwdriver says for 14+, and "not a toy", and she's only 8, but whatever. She'll enjoy it anyway.

Another thing I picked up for my niece. I also picked up one for myself. What can I say, it's "Gossip Girl" + comic book movies. It'll probably end up in a box with my Britney Spears dolls... I mean, I don't have those...

One of the few free things I really enjoyed was this mini-stool promoting the new Sarah Michelle Gellar show "Ringer". It actually came in handy a couple times at the show.

This was one of the last things I bought on Sunday -- an unopened box of the Marvel "Dangerous Divas" trading cards and the matching card binder. I happened to see someone at the show getting some of the cards signed and decided it'd be a cool thing to have.

Speaking of things I thought would be cool to have, I picked up this Buffy lunchbox and the "Conversations with Dead People" board at the Dark Horse store. Sure, I could have ordered these online at any time, but what would a convention be without impulse buying?

Also, what would a show be without prints? I picked up four at this show. The one of the left is from Tess Fowler, then J. Scott Campbell, and the two on the right are from Adam Hughes.

And speaking of Hughes, here's a head sketch he did for me of Mary Jane Watson. My MJ collection is getting pretty large.

For example, there's this 11x14 pencil sketch I commissioned at the show from Zenescope artist Alfred Trujillo. He had a really impressive portfolio at the show, so I decided to ask him if he could do a piece for me. A day later, this is what I got. Amazing.

Speaking of amazing, here's the MJ I commissioned from Tess Fowler, who delivered it to me at the show. The picture doesn't do it justice. It's absolutely stunning in person. I can't wait to get it framed and on the wall.

These will not go on the wall, but they're also from Fowler, and they're also incredible. Two original pages from Charmed #11. The one on the left (of the three sisters in the triquetra) is one of my favorite images from the 12-issue run so far.

Did you know they still have comics at Comic-Con? Well, it's true. I'm not a big X-Men collector, but I couldn't pass up the chance to grab Emma Frost's first appearance (Uncanny X-Men #129, left) and the amazing Dark Phoenix cover on Uncanny X-Men #135. Plus, I paid considerably less than the prices on those stickers. The joys of Sunday purchasing.

If old comics aren't your thing, you could always go with new artbooks. I picked up four -- two from J. Scott Campbell (left, middle left), one from Adam Hughes (right) and one from Jo Chen (middle right). The one from Chen is one of the most impressive I've ever seen, but unfortunately all the text is in Chinese, so I'll need to find someone to translate it. 

No translation needed on these beautiful cosplay pictures. I picked up this calendar at Adam Hughes's table for $20, which helps support charity. MMM... charity.

MMM... Playboy. Mercedes McNab -- who starred on Buffy and Angel -- was selling and signing these at her booth. I've met Mercedes before and have multiple items signed by her, but couldn't pass this up.

I also couldn't pass up getting a Clare Kramer signed "Bring it On" picture. Clare is another Buffy star who I've met before, and in what was one of the highlights of the show, she recognized me when I went up to her to purchase this. That honestly made me feel pretty damn cool. 

Also cool? Meeting Lester Speight, who played "Terry Tate, Office Linebacker" in the famous Reebok commercials, but also played college football at Morgan State, the crosstown rival of my alma mater, Towson (which was Towson State when Speight played, thus the "T.S.U." on the 8x10). Speight played for MSU when Dave Meggett -- who later transferred to Towson -- was a DB for the Bears. We ended up talking for awhile about the Morgan-Towson rivalry and Meggett, which was really cool.

The last autograph I paid for at the show was Adriene Wilkinson, who is one of those actresses who always seems to pop up in things I love. In addition to her role on "Angel" (seen above) she was on "Charmed", did voice work for the "Saints Row" video games and famously voiced Maris Brood in "Star Wars: Force Unleashed". She was super nice, and really beautiful.

Lastly, there are some of the con exclusives I picked up:

This Spider-Man figure from Dark Horse was just really cool looking.

Gizmo's fucking adorable, and you know it.

And despite what his shirt says, it was not the Worst. Con. Ever. Far from it. It was pretty damn awesome.