DGOW Matchup of the Day: Aly Michalka vs. Ashley Tisdale

Each day (twice on Saturday and Sunday), AdamReisinger.com will spotlight a first-round match-up in the 2011 Desktop Girl of the Week Tournament. Today's match-up is Aly Michalka vs Ashley Tisdale.

Aly Michalka Ashley Tisdale

Date SelectedNov. 3, 2010May 18, 2011
DOBMarch 25, 1989July 2, 1985
BirthplaceTorrance, CaliforniaDeal, New Jersey
Known for"Easy A", "Hellcats""High School Musical", "Hellcats"
Six Degrees of JossAppeared on "Hellcats" with D.B. Woodside (Principal Wood from "Buffy")Appeared on "Hellcats" with D.B. Woodside (Principal Wood from "Buffy")

Analysis: Yes, I put these two up against each other simply because of the "Hellcats" connection, so all you "Hellcats" fans out there (yep, that's right, all seven of you) have to decide once and for all who is better: Marti or Savannah. Or, you know, you could pick which one you prefer based on some non-Hellcats reason. They both have Disney connections too, and they both sing.

Prediction: I think Michalka advances in a close one, though whoever wins this is probably Vergara roadkill in the next round.

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