Desktop Girl of the Week - Kari Wuhrer

I'm just about finished re-watching "Sliders", so now seems as good a time as any to give DGOW honors to one of the stars of the show, Kari Wuhrer.

I remember when Wuhrer joined the cast, I immediately hated her, for a couple reasons. First was that she was replacing Arturo in the cast, but second is that her pre-"Sliders" career wasn't exactly anything to get excited about. She had a brief run on "90210", and was in a series of sexploitation films, but was mostly known as an MTV VJ (for the show "Remote Control", which at times also featured Adam Sandler and Colin Quinn). So I saw it as downgrading from the outstanding John Rhys-Davies to "a sexed-up MTV VJ" and hated her immediately.

But the thing is, as the show went on, I realized that Wuhrer wasn't half bad. By the time "Sliders" ended, she was one of the more tolerable aspects of the show, due to a combination of her getting better and the show getting worse around her. In the late '90s and early '00s, she was a staple of those "Hottest 100 Women" lists put out by magazines like Maxim and FHM, thanks in part to breast implants that she had to get removed in 2001.

Wuhrer's never really had a prominent career, though she had a decent run of sci-fi and related genre roles overlapping with, then extending beyond, her "Sliders" career. She also had a nine-month run on "General Hospital", which of course I missed, since I've never watched a soap opera in my life. Of late, it seems like Wuhrer is doing more voice work than on-screen appearances, which seems like a waste, but whatever works for her.

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