Desktop Girl of the Week: Rose Byrne

It's been awhile since I've done a Desktop Girl of the Week post, and that time off allowed me to go on something of an accidental Rose Byrne run. It started a few weeks ago when I finally watched "Get Him to The Greek", a movie I'd ignored when it first came out because I couldn't get past the fact that Jonah Hill was playing a completely different character than the one he'd played in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", despite the movie being something of a sequel (though obviously focused on different characters).

Then, two weeks ago I went to see "Bridesmaids", which has been something of the sleeper hit of the summer. The movie wasn't quite what I'd expected going in, but it was still very good, and Byrne -- playing Helen, the rival to the main character -- was gorgeous.

The run wrapped up last week when I saw "X-Men: First Class" (and yes, a review is still coming on that, at some point) in which Byrne plays Moira MacTaggert.

Obviously I didn't set out to see a whole bunch of Rose Byrne movies, but I'm not complaining either. Weirdly, I've never really seen her in much, but it's not for trying. I'm pretty sure I've got a handful of her past movies -- "Knowing", "28 Weeks Later", "Sunshine", "Marie Antoinette" and "Wicker Park" just to name a few -- sitting in my Netflix queue, but they just never manage to make it to the top. That will obviously have to change shortly. I'm not sure I'm going to start watching her TV series "Damages", but then again, it could be a good summertime filler.

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