Desktop Girl of the Week: Erika Christensen

Flash back to last Thursday. It was the night of Game 5 of the NBA Finals, and I had reached LeBron-hate overload. I couldn't stand to watch the game straight through -- out of frustration with LeBron's performance and the fact that I'd resigned myself to the Heat losing that game, if not the series outright (which they eventually did). I was looking for any distraction at all, so I just started flipping through my channels.

About three months ago, I upgraded my service package with U-Verse, ironically enough because they finally added NBA TV but only made it available on the U-300 or higher packages (oh, and I swear this is all coming to a point). When I upgraded to U-300, I was given access to Showtime, Starz and all the various families of channels that come with those networks. I hadn't used them much, if at all, but last Thursday I found myself in the 1800 range on my U-Verse receiver, and stumbled upon a little-known movie from 2007 called "How to Rob a Bank."

I landed on the movie about halfway through, so the narrative was a bit confusing, but what wasn't confusing was just how smoking hot Erika Christensen was (I told you I was getting to it). Seriously, I've seen her in a lot of things, and I always thought she was good looking, but I don't remember her ever looking quite as hot as she did in that movie. So I kept watching, despite the confusion and Nick Stahl's bad acting, and it she successfully took my mind off the Heat for about an hour or so.

Christensen popped on and off my radar for the first few years of her career, but the first thing of hers that really sticks in my mind is "Swimfan", which wasn't a particularly good movie, but damn if she didn't look amazing in it. She currently stars in the TV series "Parenthood", which I've never seen, but it's among my top five series for consideration for a summer catch-up, and given that it's also got Peter Krause, Lauren Graham and Craig T. Nelson, it probably should make my schedule next year. Because really, more Erika Christensen in my life cannot be a bad thing.

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