Jersey Monday: Michael Jordan

I continue the 2011 Heat Playoff opponents theme this week, with a jersey from way back, my Michael Jordan authentic Bulls alternate from 1996-97.

You can't tell from this picture, but this jersey is specifically tied to that season through its gold NBA logo, which the league used exclusively for the 50th anniversary celebration that season. This was also one of the first NBA authentics I ever purchased, though I didn't wear it that often (and probably not at all since high school).

I know there were a lot of Bulls fans -- and even players -- who didn't like this jersey, but I thought the black and red pinstripes were an interesting tribute of sorts to Chicago's seedier past. It's kind of a gangster look, though I'm sure that's not what David Stern wants to hear. The Bulls ditched the pinstripes on their black alternates the following, and now they're just kind of boring.

I will say this: as cool as I think this jersey looks, Michael Jordan never looked right in it. Your mental image of Jordan is always going to be in Bulls red, and anything else just looks wrong (though this doesn't look nearly as wrong as this).

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile.