Desktop Girl of the Week: Kate Middleton

Normally I have a rule for Desktop Girl of the Week selections: the subject being picked must have some kind of discernable talent. Acting, singing, web producing, whatever. The specific talent doesn't matter, nor does the level of talent, just that it exists. Models don't count. When your talent is "being pretty", you're immediately ranked behind the pretty girls who are capable of doing something else.

Of course, there's a corollary to this rule, that I just made up this week: if you can be called "Princess" unironically, it doesn't matter what your talent is.

Thus, this week's DGOW selection, blushing British bride Kate Middleton. I honestly didn't watch a second of the Royal Wedding (it's true! I swear!), but I saw the photos of Kate in her gown circulating on Twitter and I was blown away. She really did look amazing. So, congrats on the nuptials Kate, and remember, you're still not in charge of us.

As always with DGOW, I’ll provide a widescreen (1680x1050) image for downloading. If you want to see past DGOW, then just check the archive album.