Better With You "Better With the Baby" Reaction

In my initial review of the pilot of "Better With You", I said the show felt too formulaic -- particularly in its similarities to a sitcom from a about 20 years ago -- to succeed, and throughout this season, that opinion hasn't changed much. Wednesday's season finale, "Better with a Baby", didn't stray far from the formula of carefully zigzagging between "idiot ball" zaniness and moments of sentimentality, and though it was a solidly funny 22 minutes, there's nothing about the show that sucks you in to keep you keep coming back week after week.

In the season -- and likely series -- finale, Mia went into labor, and decided that she wanted to be married before giving birth, mostly because her reasons for putting off the wedding (a couple episodes back) were so superficial. From there, the episode was incredibly predictable, even as the writers worked hard to continually outdo themselves in the wackiness department. There was never any doubt that Mia and Casey would get officially married, literally at the last second possible, and even the revelation with Maddie seemed telegraphed from the beginning of the episode.

With some failed sitcoms, the jokes just aren't funny, and that's why the show fails. That's not the case with "Better with You". The greater problem with "Better with You" is how forgettable it is; you'll laugh at a joke, and then minutes later not be able to recall it at all. Great sitcoms have lines, and sometimes entire scenes or even episodes, the audience can recite from memory years after they've gone off the air. While I know I laughed watching this episode, I couldn't for the life of me recall a single line that made me do so. It's like the sitcom version of the bread they serve at restaurants: good enough while it's there, but utterly forgettable the minute the main course (or the next show) arrives.

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