Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heat Club Band


So, when I don't spend all my time reviewing TV shows (quick thoughts on stuff I watched this week: "NOF" finale was good, just wish they'd got there quicker, "BBT" was probably one of the best this season, but still not as good as Season 2 stuff, and I hated this week's "Bones") I get to finish projects I've been working on for awhile.

I know I'd mentioned writing, and I did some of that this week, but I also finally completed my long-time Photoshop project: The Heatles. More specifically, the Heatles, as they appeared on the cover of their "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heat Club Band" album.

Every Heat player from this season (yes, even Jerry Stackhouse) is in there, as are countless other players, coaches, announcers, dancers, girlfriends, mothers and others related to storylines from this year's NBA season. Yes, I have a guide to the cover. No, I'm not sharing it right now. But feel free to try and identify everyone.