New Charmed Art

I'm in Boston for Boston Comic Con this weekend, but as a warmup for the show, I figured I'd share some original artwork I've picked up recently. Well, not entirely that recently -- the first piece arrived last month and the other two arrived last week.

All three pieces are published pages from the ongoing "Charmed" series. The first, pictured to the left is from the first issue by artist Dave Hoover and features eldest (living) sister Piper. It's a really good likeness of Holly Marie Combs, and I really wanted to have something from the very first issue of the Charmed comic.

The other two pages are both from issue #6. Hit the jump to check those out.

The one to the right is my favorite page so far from the entire series. Artist Tess Fowler did an outstanding job capturing Alyssa Milano's likeness on this splash page. The page on the left features all three sisters, plus Phoebe's assistant Mika.

I don't know what this weekend will bring in terms of new artwork in my collection, but even if I don't get anything, I've got this great Charmed artwork to admire.