Hawaii Five-0 "Ho'opa'i" Reaction

I don't think I've written about "Hawaii Five-0" since the series premiere, and that's really too bad, because the show is becoming one of my favorites to watch on a weekly basis. It's not that there's some amazing ongoing story that I can't wait to see come together like "Fringe". And it's not incredibly deep like "Mad Men" or twisted like "True Blood". It's just a well-put-together, action-packed show that consistently delivers an entertaining hour of television week after week.

This week's episode featured a guest appearance by Sean "Diddy" Combs, playing an FBI agent who had been working undercover with a mob boss and was about to move on him when his wife was killed. The scenario was kind of implausible, as are many of the "crime of the week" scenarios on the show, but the characters buy into it so well that it really doesn't matter.

There's often a family element to each week's crime -- tying back to the show's overarching premise of McGarrett investigating his father's death -- and this week was no exception. Because all the main characters on the show have some kind of family backstory motivating them in general, it helps to pre-establish their motives on a week-to-week basis, so they show doesn't have to waste time explaining why this particular crime is so important to solve.

That brings me to the other reason I'm enjoying this show so much. While it has many of the same elements of a standard police procedural, it's much more action driven, and doesn't force the characters into the same "crime scene, find evidence, interview witnesses, find more evidence, zoom, enhance, solve crime" pattern of them. McGarrett tends to be a "shoot first, do the cop stuff later" kind of character, which, while not always realistic, is kind of fun. There was a moment in this week's episode that I loved, when McGarrett and Danny were discussing what they'd do if they were in the same situation as Reggie (Combs). McGarrett said he'd do things "by the book", to which Danny responded, "Which book would that be? 'Patriot Act for Dummies?' 'How to Nuke Your Enemies?' 'War and Peace... Minus the Peace Part?'" Great stuff.

Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the fine work by Keith David, late of "The Cape" -- on which he fast became the only watchable part of the show -- as one of the main villains of the episode. He manages to carry entire scenes on the strength of his voice alone. More great stuff.

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