Glee "A Night of Neglect" Reaction

And thus ends the mildly annoying saga of Holly Holliday.

Gwyneth Paltrow was back this week on "Glee", but by the end of what was a surprisingly solid episode, she and Will Schuester had broken up and she had set Will back on the path toward Emma, making all of the first 16 episodes worth of romantic plot lines just an unnecessary detour from where they left off last season.

Tuesday's episode, "A Night of Neglect", had a bunch of stuff that came out of nowhere, including the revelation that four of McKinley's glee club members also happened to comprise the school's academic decathlon team, but more of the episode worked than didn't. Yes, I found the Holly-Will-Emma stuff kind of heavy handed and overly telegraphed, but it achieved what it was supposed to, so I'll let it slide in an ends justify the means kind of way.

I was incredibly amused by Sue putting together a team of Will Schuester enemies to take down glee club, and was even more amused by the code names she gave them:
- Sandy Ryerson, The Pink Dagger
- Terri Schuester, Honey Badger
- Dustin Goolsby, Sergeant Handsome
- Sue Sylvester, General Zod (YES!)

Was the whole thing -- including the creation of a "heckling club" to destroy the glee club's benefit event -- unnecessary and over the top? Sure. But that's Sue, and that's why she works.

I also really enjoyed Mercedes's crazy diva demands to perform at the show. A giant bowl (really more a small barrel) of green M&Ms, a team of humidifiers to keep the air she breathes humid, a fresh puppy to dry her hands on after she washed them, and lastly to be carried all day the day of the show. Just really good in its insanity.

So what didn't work for me? Well, the shoehorning of Kurt into the episode was mildly awkward, though it did lead to a great scene with Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Karofsky, and I think Karofsky's secret might be closer to coming out (Santana nearly stumbled upon it in this episode). Also, the scene where Holly Holliday told the heckling students that being mean isn't good, even if it's just on the Internet and you think you're anonymous, felt way too much like a message from the writing staff to the show's critics. And you could argue that I'm not "getting" the message by being critical, but I'm not anonymous; my name is right up there in the banner. And anything negative I write about the show on this site I'd happily say to the faces of those involved in the show's creation, along with all the many positive things I say about the show too.

Speaking of positive things, on to this week's music...

All By Myself - A+
Oh, how we've missed you Sunshine Corazon. Sure, you dicked over the glee club by not performing at the benefit itself (and telling your 600 Twitter followers not to attend), but you sang your sweet little heart out. I will say this: as great as Charice's singing voice is, she's not so good at delivering spoken lines.

I Follow Rivers - B
I kind of feel bad for Jenna Ushkowitz, because Tina keeps getting performances that get ruined in some way, either by her own insane tears or in this case the heckling. Still, what we heard of this song was pretty damn good.

Turning Tables - C
I'm so over Gwyneth.

Ain't No Way - A
I thought Mercedes's story this week was kind of awkward (oh, and having the whole "why are you a star and I'm not" convo with Rachel without once even addressing Mercedes's weight, while admirable, was a little disingenuous), but it was well worth it when it came to her performance. The girl can sing, I'll give her that.

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