Desktop Girl of the Week: Heather Morris

A couple months ago on "Glee", three of the main characters quit the cheerleading squad, allowing them to wear normal clothes on the show for the first time. And while I've loved the outfits they've worn, I kind of miss the Cheerios uniform, which is why I chose this picture of Heather Morris to serve as the "Desktop Girl of the Week" wallpaper.

If you're not familiar with "Glee", Morris plays Brittany, the idiotic former cheerleader with the sweet disposition. She quickly became my favorite character on the show when I started watching last summer, and has only enhanced that status this year as she's been given more to do.

Morris herself has a background in dancing, which is how she landed the "Glee" role (as has been widely reported, she was brought in to teach the cast the dance for "Single Ladies", then was added to the cast after performing so well).

I considered going with a non-"Glee" picture for Morris, especially after her Esquire feature -- which inspired me to finally make her a DGOW selection -- but instead stuck with Brittany as a Cheerio. Still, it's definitely worth checking out this amazing video from that Esquire shoot.

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