Desktop Girl of the Week: Beau Garrett

I think I was more appreciative of "TRON: Legacy" than most back when it came out, and I was so excited about the Blu-ray release that I pre-ordered with 2-day shipping from Amazon, so I could be sure of having it on release day (aside: I got the "Ultimate Experience" collection, which in addition to the standard Blu-ray comes with the 3D Blu-ray, so if anyone has a 3DTV they can lend me -- or wants to buy one for me -- I'd really appreciate it).

I watched the movie last night after work, and was once again captivated by Beau Garrett. She's only in the movie for about three scenes, and has no more than a handful of lines, but for obvious reasons she's visually captivating. And by "obvious reasons", I of course mean that she's one of the few characters dressed in all white, in a movie in which most of the characters are dressed in all black.

Even re-watching the movie last night, I couldn't pinpoint exactly where I'd seen Garrett's work before, but when I looked her up, it turns out that she played Johnny Storm's reluctant love interest in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer". Given the significant makeup and lighting differences between the two movies -- and the type of character she played in both -- I think I can be excused for not picking up on that sooner. Plus, the less said about "FF2", the better.

Garrett will soon be starring in the new "Criminal Minds" spin-off on CBS. Until about two days ago, I'd never seen an episode of the original, but I happened to catch a re-run late one night, and it honestly wasn't half bad. Combine that with Garrett's presence in the spin-off, and I may just watch.

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