V "Mother's Day" Season Finale Reaction

With extra NCAA Tournament action this year, I fell way behind on my DVR this week, which meant I didn't catch Tuesday's season finale of "V" until Sunday. And what a season finale it was. "Mother's Day" had all sorts of insanity happening, possibly in a last-ditch effort to save the show.

The episode started off kind of slow again, with another convoluted Fifth Column plot to attack Anna. At least now when they're saying "attack", they mean in the physical sense and not through lame PR manipulation. And Erica steps up the level of the plan, enlisting Lisa to actually kill Anna, while Diana reveals herself to her people and changes the course of the V's plan.

Of course, Lisa can't go through with it, causing everything to unravel in spectacular fashion: Anna kills Diana (in front of all the Vs on the New York mothership), imprisons Lisa in Diana's old prison, hatches her last Queen Egg and skins the new daughter identically to Lisa, then sends New-Lisa to mate with Tyler, which she does, before apparently killing him.

Meanwhile, the ominous FBI partner who'd been snooping around Erica finds out that she's Fifth Column, and brings her in. Only instead of being in trouble, Erica is introduced to the government's secret facility where they don't believe the Vs are "of peace", and they're ready to go to war. However, while Erica's underground at the facility, Anna and her adopted human/V hybrid daughter (Ryan's biological daughter) use the power of heart to call on Captain Planet... no, wait, that's not right... oh, yeah, they "Bliss" the human race, turning them into Anna-following zombies.

That's a whole mess of shit happening in a single episode, and while it'd be easy to complain that they didn't get here fast enough, in reality this is the end of the first full season. "V" has only aired 23 episodes over the course of two seasons, and the slow-developing story has been as much the fault of the schedule as it has been the writing.

Now, if the show does get renewed, the key is to hit the ground running as a follow up to all of this. I am concerned because the episode seemed to linger on the big dramatic moment where Erica -- after telling him earlier in the episode how proud of him she was because his belief never waned -- saw Father Jack in the crowd caught up by Anna's bliss. I thought the Father Jack moments, both with Erica and Anna, were among the weaker and more heavy-handed of the episode, and I'd be disappointed if next season spent more time on that than on the action aftermath.

Oh, and please let Tyler really be dead. His story is BEYOND done. Plus, maybe that'll motivate Erica to get into a real ass-kicking mode. Also, don't revive Ryan (who was killed by his own daughter, in a bittersweet moment). His story is also VERY done. If there is a Season 3, it should be about Erica working with Aries (the government agency) to take down Anna and New-Lisa and get original Lisa in charge to get the Vs off our planet.

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