South Beach Diaries: Day 7 - Heat 118, Grizzlies 85

I've been calling this series the "South Beach Diaries" and I've been joking about taking my talents to South Beach ever since booking this trip (way back in September), but through the first six days of my trip I hadn't spent a moment in South Beach. Miami, sure. Homestead, Miami Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, all sorts of places in South Florida, but not South Beach.

So, after the Heat destroyed the Grizzlies in a relatively early Saturday afternoon start (note: the Heat should push for more afternoon weekend starts when teams come into town a full day early. The lure of the South Beach nightlife is like a siren song for an NBA player on an off day, and many won't recover in time for a noon or 3pm game.) I decided to head into South Beach, rather than go right back to my hotel.

Truth be told, I'm just not a "South Beach" kind of guy. I had the same problem when I was in L.A. for the 2009 NBA Finals and my hotel was in the heart of Hollywood. It's just not my scene. I grew up in the suburbs, went to college in the suburbs and I now live in the suburbs. Sure, I don't mind the occasional -- or, lately, frequent -- trip to New York City, but those are usually about sports, concerts, sneaker shopping or just hanging out with friends. I'll never be the trendy guy at the trendy club buying the trendy drinks, and I'm fine with that.

I'm also fine with how the Heat played today. I could go into details, but it was really an evisceration from start to finish. It's rare you can say this about a 33-point win, but the game wasn't as close as the score indicates, particularly in the second half. All three of the Big Three were on, with Dwyane Wade scoring 28, LeBron James scoring 27 and Chris Bosh scoring 18. The trio combined to go 26-of-42 from the field, which, for the math challenged, is 61.9%. They also combined for 20 rebounds, 16 assists, seven blocks and five steals, despite none of them playing 35 minutes. It wasn't that the Grizzlies were playing poorly. It was just that the Heat were... well, hot.

I really couldn't have asked for a better way to end the trip. There was no point in the game where I felt the outcome was in doubt (despite the pessimist sitting behind me who kept pointing out when the Heat were up 24, "they can still blow this... they've done it before"), and LeBron -- the primary reason for my trip -- had another good game. I also got this SWEET picture of a LeBron dunk in progress from the opposite end.

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