Sideshow Black Cat Premium Format Statue Review

Back when Sideshow first opened up the pre-orders for the Black Cat Premium Format Statue, I missed the chance to grab one of the Exclusive Editions, so I settled for the standard edition. Then, a couple weeks ago, I noticed that the Exclusive Edition was available for in-stock order, while the standard edition still wasn't shipping, so I canceled my standard order, grabbed the Exclusive, and here she is.

The first thing I noticed about Black Cat was her weight. No, they didn't make Felicia Hardy fat, but because of the thick base and large bank safe accessory, this is probably the heaviest of the Marvel Sideshow Premium Format statues I own. It was a considerably difficult process to get the product box out of the shipping box, then get the foam protective box out of the product box.

The statue itself comes in four primary pieces: the base, the safe, the body and the head. Black Cat uses a magnetic head attachement despite the fact that there are no alternate portraits available here. There are also two sets of gold bar accessories for the inside of the safe, as well as a "signed" portrait of Black Cat, which uses a photo of Sideshow's legendary scale bust. The Exclusive Edition comes with a print of the artwork used to create the statue, but otherwise no other special accessories.

As is standard for Sideshow's premium format line, Black Cat's suit is made of cloth, though her gloves and boots are sculpted (as is her mask, though I can't imagine Sideshow trying to make such a small, thin cloth accessory). I didn't check to see if the zipper was functional or not, not wanting to break it if it's not. I did slide the spandex suit slightly over toward the arm, to see if there was a painted bra strap underneath (FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY, I SWEAR!), and there's a mass of black paint as far as I could see. It's also worth noting that the suit is not attached to the fur collar, which is sculpted and attached directly to the body.

Interestingly, despite the weight I mentioned earlier, this is the shortest of the Sideshow Premium Format statues I own, as Mystique, Emma Frost and Ms. Marvel are all in upright poses, while Black Cat is sitting/leaning against the safe. She ends up being more in line vertically with Sideshow's comiquettes than the other premium format statues -- in fact, I've got her right next to Scarlet Witch and they're right about the same height. Eventually I need to find Black Cat a more line-appropriate home, though my only other Black Cat piece is from the Adam Hughes collection, and she's with all the other Adam Hughes pieces (Rogue, Emma Frost, Mystique, Jean Grey).

I still think of the premium formats I own, Emma Frost is my favorite, but this Black Cat is a very close second. I love the pose, and the hair sculpt is great, as is the overall construction. The placement of the statue on the base makes it a little awkward to display, and I wish the character had a little more of a playful expression, but otherwise it's a hit.

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