Modern Family "Boys Night Out" Reaction

Like most episodes of "Modern Family", Wednesday's installment had a theme. For "Boys Night Out", it was "trying new things", some of which worked and some of which didn't.

Addressing the latter first, I thought the Phil-Claire-Luke plot was the weakest of the show. It involved Luke befriending the Dunphys' elderly neighbor, who his parents feared. The entire thing was predictable, in kind of a boilerplate sitcom manner, and aside from Phil's physical comedy didn't really draw any laughs.

Otherwise, the episode was really good, with the other stories all tying into each other. Cam and Mitchell were going out for a night with their gay friends, leaving Haley to babysit Lily. At the bar, they ran into Jay, who had originally gone out with Manny and Gloria to see The Four Seasons, only its Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" and not Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, so Jay ditches.

Everything about that series of events worked. Haley was typical, irresponsible Haley, and got busted because of it (though, thankfully, Lily was not in any danger). Jay had fun, that then backfired on him, and Mitchell learned a valuable lesson about his dad (cue "aww" from studio audience that doesn't exist).

As much as the scenes with Jay in the bar were funny, the way the tables turned on him the next morning was the best part of the episode. We've already seen that Gloria is by far the most devious character on the show, and she proved it once again, setting Jay up for horrible failure, in the name of "trying new things". She was only in this episode for a couple scenes, but they were all awesome.

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