Glee "Original Song" Reaction/Song Review

More than any episode of "Glee" this season, "Original Song" was really about the music, though they found a way to work in some solid relationship stuff to, making for a solid episode.

Ever since "Glee" announced it would be doing original songs, I was concerned that they'd suck. Fortunately that wasn't the case, as both songs turned out to be really good and reflected well on the themes of the episode and the show as a whole.

Aside from the music (which I'll get to below the jump), this episode was heavy on Quinn-Finn-Rachel stuff, which is kind of where the show's been consistently at its best for nearly two seasons now. I thought Quinn's little speech to Rachel about their respective futures was interesting, because Quinn was actually more realistic about HER future, admitting that Rachel had what it takes to be a star, but her obsession with Finn was holding her back. It was a nice twist on what I expected to be a typical "I'm the blonde head cheerleader/prom queen and you're not" speech.

This episode also prominently featured the progression of the Blaine/Kurt relationship, featuring their first kiss, which I'm sure made a lot of people happy. You know what made me happier? Kurt finally standing up to Blaine's solo obsession and saying on the show what I've been writing in these reviews for awhile now: the Warblers felt less like a group and more like "Blaine and the Pips".

I even liked that they gave us another bit of the Brittany-Santana fallout, though not too much. It would have been disappointing if they'd just left that for a later episode where it could be more fully explored. Though I'm obviously still hoping for that, an immediate reaction was necessary.

The only thing I really disliked about the episode was the over the top satirical portrayal of the former Tea Party candidate who was judging the competition. I get enough of annoyingly one-sided portrayals of our nation's political discourse (or lack thereof) in my everyday life. Can we please leave it out of "Glee", especially if it's going to be shown in the most extreme way possible?

My favorite line of the episode was, no surprise, from Brittany, who, when Mr. Schu asked what everyone's favorite song was, responded, "My Headband," Rachel's horrible original song from earlier this season. I had to rewind to hear everyone else's responses because I was laughing so hard. A close runner up was Brittany's line after the dirt fell out of her locker, a prank courtesy of Sue, "I don't even remember putting that in there." So, so stupid...

Ok, on to this week's music, which there was a lot of.

Misery - B
I hate to admit this, but sometimes I find Maroon 5 songs catchier than I should, and this was definitely one of those times.

Blackbird - A
Hey, remember how awesome of a singer Kurt is? Well, it's good to see that the writers of "Glee" finally did.

Troutymouth - C+
I know this isn't one of the official songs, and the lyrics weren't good at all, but Santana's voice was silky smooth.

Big Ass Heart - B-
Same deal as above, but it made me laugh in a good way. Puck has been a much more balanced character this season, and it's led to more musical opportunities, which is a good thing in my book.

Hell to the No - A
Speaking of characters who've been put on the back burner this season, where have you been Mercedes?! This song was amazing. I'm glad that even though it's not one of the performance songs, they did release it on iTunes.

Jesus is a Friend of Mine - F
Wow... Just... wow.

Candles - C
I like Kurt's voice. I like Blaine's voice. But I felt like in this song, they didn't really go together well in a duet. Aurally, it had a discordant sound.

Raise Your Glass - B
I really like this song, and while The Warblers didn't quite capture the energy of Pink's original, it was still a solid, fun performance.

Get it Right - A
Rachel really knocked this one out of the park. The lyrics weren't perfect, but they were a hell of a lot better than most songs on the radio today, and they really reflected the character's feelings.

Loser Like Me - A-
I think I would have liked this song even more had it not come immediately following Rachel's song. Also, while I get what they were going for, the loser Ls and the slushies felt a little too tongue-in-cheek self-referential. Otherwise, though, a pretty good song overall, even if I felt like I was listening to a Vitamin C/Vanessa Carlton/Ke$ha mashup.