Desperate Housewives "Searching" Reaction

All season long, I've disliked the story lines given to Lynette, Bree and Susan, while enjoying Gaby's and being intrigued by Paul/Beth's. So Sunday's episode of "Desperate Housewives" was kind of a bizzaro episode, with Gaby's story being stupid, and Beth's being predictable (though the promos ABC kept running for "Searching" are kind of to blame for that).

I think ABC was trying to create some buzz for this episode with the promos, and it was clearly written to make you thing there was even a remote possibility that they were killing Susan off, but this was the second time the show has advertised the death of one of the housewives only to have it be the proverbial "fifth wheel" of the group. I think the ending would have been better if ABC hadn't promoted it at all.

As for Gaby, it's always two steps forward, two steps back with her. After last episode's real breakthrough on her past, she's back to being "Gaby the Idiot Mom", which was a sub-character I'd hoped we were done with. At least she stepped up and did the right thing in the end, though it probably would have been more in-line with this season's stories if Juanita had called her out on hiding her tap shoes in the first place, rather than blindly accepting them and doing her routine. Also, why wasn't Carlos at the talent show at all?

I'm still waiting for an episode this season where EVERYTHING works, and I'm starting to doubt that we're going to get one. At this point, I'd settle for some character consistency, though I'm not sure we're going to get that either.

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