Desktop Girl of the Week: Clare Kramer

I know I'm a day late on Desktop Girl of the Week, but it works out well, because this week's selection ties in with the anniversary of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". No, it's not Sarah Michelle Gellar or Julie Benz or Alyson Hannigan or Charisma Carpenter or any of the other girls who appeared in the first episode of Buffy (especially since all of those girls listed have been previously selected), but my favorite "Buffy" villain of all-time: Clare Kramer.

Since I first watched "Buffy" back in 2005 (yeah, I was late to the party, sue me), Season Five has always been my favorite season, and Kramer's portrayal of Glory, the villainous Hell God, was a huge reason why. However, it wasn't the first time I'd seen her. No, for that you have to go back to 2000 and "Bring it On", which also starred former Buffy star Eliza Dushku. I watched that movie more times than I'd care to admit, including multiple viewings in the winter of 2001-02, when I was good friends with a cheerleader.

A few years later, I was living in an apartment and flipping through my VERY limited selection of HD channels when "The Skulls III" came on HDNet. Sure, it was the second sequel to a not-very-good movie to start with, but I watched the whole thing because of Kramer.

I also saw her in the short version of "D.E.B.S." and was a little disappointed that she was replaced by Jordana Brewster for the full-length version, but by that point I had started watching "Buffy" and everything was all good again.

I finally got to meet Clare last year at the Buffyfest at New England Comic Con, which was pretty cool. She was one of the nicest, sweetest celebrities I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, and my picture with her is now part of my Twitter background (at least until I start updating it with 2011 events).

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