Chuck "Chuck Versus the Muuurder" Reaction

I want to like "Chuck", I really do. But episodes like "Chuck Versus the Muuurder" make it difficult for me to care about the show, which seems to forget previous plot developments for episodes at a time, while focusing on things that just serve as window dressing for meaningless action scenes.

In the case on Monday's episode, there were three plots going on that the viewer was supposed to care about:
  • Chuck bringing in potential Intersect trainees, one of whom was apparently murdering the others
  • the ongoing rivalry between the Buy More and the Large Mart
  • Ellie's continued investigation into her father's laptop
I've made my thoughts on the last one pretty clear, but I'll repeat them: I don't think Ellie should be involved in spy life in any way, and if the show does something to change that, I'll absolutely stop watching.

I usually don't have a problem with the Buy More plots, but this one seemed dumber than usual, serving primarily as a vehicle for another insipid product placement and a juvenile "BM" joke that got more annoying every time it was repeated.

As for the A-story, it might have been decent, had it not been so predictable. There was a moment when one of the murder suspects opened a door, causing a bomb to go off in his face. However, he quite obviously shielded himself from the blast with the door, making it easy for most viewers to pinpoint him as the killer. From there it was just a matter of waiting for Chuck and his team to stop being so stupid and figure it out.

The only real redeeming quality to that particular story was the fact that the killer -- a CIA agent who'd grown weary of always being sent undercover in terror cells -- was working for Volkoff's daughter, which is a story I'm glad they're getting back to. This little mini-detour into the CIA's new Intersect project, which is thankfully already over, turned out to be relatively useless.

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