Buffy Video: Love the Way You Lie

For awhile, I'd been planning to do a Buffy video using Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie", featuring some of the more turbulent relationship moments during the series, but a couple weeks ago I decided to shift focus to just Buffy herself and the three primary relationships she had on the series: Angel, Riley and Spike. I also switched songs, from the Eminem original version to Rihanna's version, which worked better for what I wanted to do.

Unlike a lot of my past mash-up videos, I tried to match the on-screen scene to the lyrics as much as possible, at least through the Rihanna verses. It became harder with Eminem's rap, which I used for the Spike scenes. Also, I had to end with a shot from "Lie to Me", which really had nothing to do with any of the relationships, but tied into the song title.

Enjoy the video after the jump

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