V "Unholy Alliance" Reaction

Can we just fast-forward to the part of "V" where something important happens? Because I'm getting tired of watching people move around like pawns in the slowest game of chess ever. Tuesday's episode, "Unholy Alliance", added more pieces to the board, but didn't really get us closer to any kind of endgame on either side.

So this week, a radical anti-V group murders three V Peace Ambassadors, leading Erica to freak and a lot of the blame to fall on Father Jack, whose anti-V sermons have been getting a lot of attention. Erica's got a new FBI partner -- an old friend, it so happens -- and they go to meet with Father Jack, who... blah, blah, blah...

Look, there's a lot of talking, a lot of meeting, a lot of secret-keeping, and a lot of "unholy alliances". Anna goes to the Vatican (conveniently, a Vatican where everyone speaks fluent, un-accented English) and makes some shiny blue lights turn into stigmata on a statue while spouting some mumbo-jumbo about science and miracles (which at least felt like an Arthur C. Clarke shout-out, even if it wasn't designed as such).

This week's episode also brought us two new (likely) recurring characters, in Erica's new partner and the leader of the radical Fifth Column group, the latter played by Oded Fehr, who I really like. But at this point, between Fehr, Bret Harrison (who was nowhere to be found this week) and Jane Badler, it seems like the show is more intent on throwing more cast members into the mix than advancing the main conflict of the series. People keep talking about being "almost ready" and making vague references to something that might happen, but I can't keep sitting through episodes like this waiting for that moment.

It just seems like every time a character is ready to break through -- whether its Tyler vandalizing the church, or Ryan going back to Anna, or even finding out about Father Jack's military past -- everyone just stands around and talks some more. Even the revelation that the FBI is suspicious of Erica came with more talking than action, and that really should have been a much bigger deal. Hopefully next week it will be, because otherwise this show is likely going to lose me.

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