The Sick Week Round-Up

So, as you may have learned if you follow me on Twitter, I've been sick for awhile. It started Wednesday when I was at the University of Georgia, and is still going today, thought I'm starting to recover. However, because I was so sick (and also in part because of the whole "being on the road" thing), I fell way behind on my DVR -- both in watching and in reviewing. Rather than go back and post reviews on each show I've missed since Tuesday, I decided to just compile them in one round-up post. The regularly-scheduled reviews should resume tonight or tomorrow.


V - "Concordia"
This episode was largely about Tyler, and it seems a disproportionate part of the V's plan hinges on him. We've been given hints as to why he's important (the missing DNA strand being the biggest), but I feel like if we knew a little more, this whole story might not seem so tedious.

No Ordinary Family - "No Ordinary Double Standard"
This was the second time this show's given us hints of a darker story line with Daphne. The first was with the memory erasing, which didn't even last past the first commercial break of the next episode. This time Daphne's discovered that her mindreading powers also allow her to "plant" thoughts in people's minds. The first time she did it in the episode, it was by accident, and she was doing it to save her life. That's fine. But the second time it was on purpose, to get out of a grounding. I'd LOVE it if the show took her in a more morally ambiguous direction, even if just for a couple episodes, to shake things up a little bit.

Better With You - "Better with Valentine's Day"
I enjoyed this episode enough, but I couldn't help wondering how much the three-couple dynamic of the show is going to change when Mia has her baby. Right now every episode is about showing the differences in the couples, but at some point, the baby has to become a major character, right?

Modern Family - "Bixby's Back"
The Phil-Claire stuff, with their Valentine's Day alter-egos, was OK, and the Mitchell-Cam stuff was solid enough, but the Jay-Gloria plot was the standout this week. I love that Gloria out-tricked Jay every step of the way. She's awesome. Oh, and Manny-Haley needs to happen.


The Big Bang Theory - "The Benefactor Factor"
I've written about this before this season, but when we were introduced to Leonard at the start of the series, he'd basically had two romantic relationships, one of whom turned out to be a North Korean spy. Now it seems that every woman he comes in contact with is attracted to him, including Penny, who still has feelings for him but isn't sure what she wants from their relationship. In this episode, we saw another one of Leonard's random hookups, which continue to drag his character down.

30 Rock - "Double-Edged Sword"
I was in pain from laughing so much at this episode. All the stuff with Avery and Jack in Canada was great. They work so well together from a comedic standpoint, and throwing John Cho in the mix (in a cameo as a meth-making Canadian) was what pushed the episode over the top. The other two plots -- Liz and Carol essentially going to war while trapped on a plan, and Tracy dealing with "the next level" -- both could have carried their own episodes, which is probably what made this episode so good.


Fringe - "Immortality"
If this show's going out, it's going out BIG. Interdimensional baby drama? Yes, please. I still love the job that Anna Torv manages to do balancing the different personalities between the two Olivias. However, the best moment of the episode came when the scientist working for Walternate discovered that the chemical they pulled from Olivia's brain (Cortexiphan) discovered that younger people were able to survive the injections of the drug longer. The lab guy wanted Walternate's go-ahead to experiment on children, but Walternate wouldn't allow it. Up until this episode, he'd pretty much been portrayed as a guy with no moral line, but now not only does he have one, but it's one that "our" Walter willingly crossed with "our" Olivia (and many other children). That adds a level of depth to the multi-verse story that wasn't there before.

OK, so now that all that's out of the way, I can try to get back to normal. I still haven't been to the comic book shop this week, and I know I owe you all a one-month-in review of "DC Universe Online" (my first monthly fee payment actually got charged yesterday). I promise I'll be all caught up soon.