San Diego Comic-Con, Here I Come!

Well, it was much more of an ordeal than I'd hoped -- and $34 more expensive than it should have been -- but I will be attending all four days of San Diego Comic Con this July.

I wanted to go last year, but by the time I went to buy badges, four-day badges and both weekend days were all sold out, so I decided I didn't want to fly out to San Diego to attend just two days. I made it a priority to buy badges for this year, but thanks to high demand and what can only be described as poor planning by either SDCC or their ticket provider (or both), the first two registration processes both failed.

This morning, when tickets went back on sale, things didn't go much better. TicketLeap's site crashed immediately (not "almost immediately", but literally at 12:00:00 ET, you couldn't get in). They sent out a tweet telling people to "just keep hitting refresh", which is probably the worst advice a web provider can give, but whatever, I kept trying.

At some point, I got to a ticket selection screen, only to get a message that four-day passes weren't available. Apparently that's been the case on and off today -- and though its entirely possible that I could have held out for a four-day pass, I decided to just pick up four individual one-day passes (one for each day from Thursday through Sunday). Yes, it's more expensive that way, and yes, it means I'll have to make sure to pick up the next day's badge before I leave the show the previous day, but it's still better than not attending or playing the "available-or-not" game with the four-day passes.

Finally, after more than an hour of hitting refresh on the TicketLeap site I ended up with this glorious screen:

Now just to book a hotel, flight and rental car, and I'll be all set for my first San Diego Comic-Con experience. Like Bart Scott so eloquently put it (before getting whooped by the Steelers), "Can't wait!"