How I Met Your Mother "Oh Honey" Reaction

Just so we're clear, Zoey's not the mother.

Yes, she and Ted are kissing up there, and yes, this episode was mostly about how they got together, but  I think given the signs we've been given this season, this is just another romantic detour for Ted. One of the signs came in this episode, because I'm pretty sure if Ted was married to Zoey in the future, he'd be able to remember the real name of Zoey's cousin, rather than just calling her "Honey."

As for Honey's story, it was the other big part of the episode, and guest star Katy Perry did a wonderful job. Most of the credit for that falls to the writers, who did a good job of making her pitifully funny. In a way, she was very reminiscent of the character Britney Spears played a few seasons back, in her absurd levels of naivety, but she was less a character and more a plot device.

I thought the phone jokes got a little tedious, but the whole phone concept was a good way of acknowledging Marshall's grieving process and keeping the show somewhat grounded in an extended continuity. Overall, this wasn't one of the standout episodes of the season, but it wasn't a bad one either, and I don't think the guest star distracted from the story. Plus, let's be honest, Katy Perry is not hard on the eyes. Proof:

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