Glee "Silly Love Songs" Reaction/Song Review

We're SO close. In Sunday's episode of "Glee", there were only two small things that bothered me in an otherwise outstanding episode. In Tuesday's episode, "Silly Love Songs", there was only one thing that I felt was left out, but otherwise it was a very good episode.

This was the "Glee" Valentine's Day episode and love was in the hair, but it was, as expected, a high school style of love. Finn was having trouble figuring out if he had feelings for Rachel -- who did have feeling for him -- and Quinn -- who might have had feelings for him, but she was with Sam and all signs kept pointing Quinn away from Finn. I think in the long run Finn and Quinn are going to end up together, and mono aside, I'm rooting for those crazy kids.

Then there was the ongoing Kurt/Blaine psuedo-flirtation, in which Kurt completely misread Blaine's words, because Blaine was crushing on another guy. But once that fell apart -- in over-produced "Glee" fashion, and I mean that in a good way -- Kurt finally admitted to Blaine what he'd told Mr. Schuester a few episodes back, and now all the cards between the two of them are on the table. Another good thing.

However, my favorite thing about this episode was the back-and-forth between Puck and Lauren (the female wrestler who took Kurt's spot in glee club). Puck was crushing on Lauren because, as he put it, she's "as big a badass" as him. However, Puck thought because of Lauren's size, she'd simply say yes to him without him having to try. But she wasn't having it, and made Puck work for his date, which was a nice -- and realistic -- turn of events. Lauren knows she's not perfect (and she's definitely not Santana), but she's happy with who she is and she's not going to let any preconceived notions force her to settle for less than what she deserves. Also, the scene in which she and Santana threw down, resulting in Santana getting her ass extra kicked, was great. Some of the best non-Brittany, non-Sue humor of the season.

So, with all that good stuff, plus the great musical numbers, what was my problem with this episode? Well, it was something that's been kind of a frustration of mine for the season as a whole, and that's the back-burner-ing of Mr. Schuester's life outside of the glee club. A Valentine's Day episode would have been the perfect opportunity to rekindle things -- or at least reintroduce the story -- between Will and Emma, but instead she was completely absent in the episode. Yes, I know that technically she's married to Carl, but really, how long is that going to last? And if Will's not going to be with Emma, can we at least get him some kind of relationship (as long as it's not with his ex-wife)?

Also, maybe getting Mr. Schuester a romantic interest would get him some songs again. As it is, we had five songs tonight, and all of them were pretty good.

In fact, I'm just going to go ahead and give the music straight As. Every song was right on point. Let's go through them individually.

Fat Bottomed Girls
Puck's "love" song to Lauren was inappropriate, yes, but it was also awesome. Without going through episode-by-episode, it certainly seems like Mark Salling is getting more solos this year, which is a positive development in my book.

A good friend of mine and I were discussing the "Thriller" album a few months back, and we came to the consensus -- pretty quickly -- that this is the worst non-duet on the album. Of course, the worst song on "Thriller" is better than the best song on 90% of albums that have come out in the last few years. I loved the idea of using Artie as the voice of this song, while having Mike Chang bust out his best Michael Jackson moves.

When I Get You Alone
Another Warblers appearance, another psuedo-solo for Darren Criss, but this song was so well done that I didn't even care about that. The flash mob choreography was great, even if the closeted object of Blaine's affections wasn't impressed.

My Funny Valentine
OK, this doesn't get an A, but it wasn't a real performance either. Plus, Tina's breakdown was SO high school, it was great.

It doesn't happen often -- at least, I don't think it happens as often as others think it does -- but every once in awhile, there's a song on "Glee" that is better than it's original version. Also, how weird is it that this episode and the previous one used a song from this Katy Perry album and a song from "Thriller"?

Silly Love Songs
Maybe it's just me, but I feel like this is one of those songs that you don't really think you know until you hear the bridge and you're like "oh yeah! I totally remember that song!" I definitely heard this a lot growing up, as it was probably on a bunch of compilation cassettes my parents had and played on our endless cross-country road trips.

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