Glee "Comeback" Reaction/Song Review

A while back, a rumor started to swirl that "Glee" was going to do a Justin Bieber-themed episode. After growing way out of control, that rumor was shot down by the creators of the show, who said that Bieber hadn't reached the iconic level of a Madonna or a Britney to be worthy of his own "Glee" episode.

However, while Tuesday's episode, "Comeback", wasn't a Bieber episode in the sense of having all (or mostly) Bieber songs, it was as close as they could get without going in that direction, which really, really made me dislike it.

The Bieber part was basically Sam starting a one-man band called "The Justin Bieber Experience" to try and make sure Quinn only had eyes for him and not Sam, which had the girls swooning. So then all the other guys (except for Finn) got involved. And it totally worked again. Meanwhile, Finn was keeping it real:

"You guys do realize that Justin Bieber sucks, right?" Finn Hudson is my new favorite TV character ever.

The other main story in the episode involved Sue being down about the failure of her cheer squad, to the point of being suicidal. I don't want to go into the reasons why here, but let me just say that I've never found anything about suicide to be funny, so I don't like seeing it played for comedy, especially to the level "Glee" took it here.

From there, Sue got ingrained in the glee club, as part of some convoluted "cheer her up" plan of Will and Emma's, and Sue took to taking apart glee club from the inside. While it was amusing to watch, I just don't understand why anyone involved with the club would ever believe anything Sue said ever.

There was also this weird story where Rachel was trying to get Brittany to dress like her, so people would think Rachel was a trendsetter and Finn would come back to her -- along with a parallel story of Santana trying to steal Sam from Quinn. It was pretty impressive to see Rachel's plan backfire on her, as everyone picked up Brittany's styles, but credited them to Brittany. Hearing Brittany lay the truth on Rachel about being a trendsetter -- in true blunt Brittany fashion -- made the whole thing even better. It also added an interesting layer of pathos to the scene with Quinn standing alone in the hallway, dressed like Rachel, after Sam broke up with her.

Speaking of that, Brittany had my favorite line of the episode, while wearing Rachel's legwarmers on her arms: "I wore a tank top today because I thought it was summer. No one ever taught me how to read a calendar."

A close second was when Sue called Will "SpongeHair SquareChin". Nice.

On to the music, which, to be blunt, took a disappointing step back from last week.

Baby - F-
I was incredibly happy going through life without ever having heard a Justin Bieber song, performed by the prepubescent girl who originally sang the song or some warmed-over Glee knockoff. Now I've heard one. I'm not saying I hate life and wish to die, like Sue, but, yeah, Fuck Bieber.

Somebody to Love - F-
Back in Season 1, Glee did an AMAZING version of Queen's "Somebody to Love." Now whenever I hear that song, I'll think of this shitty Bieber song. Fuck. Bieber.

Take Me or Leave Me - B
When they set up the Rachel/Mercedes Diva-off, I had really high hopes, and while this song was pretty good, it wasn't what I would have gone to for such an occasion. But it got Mercedes and Rachel to stop arguing, and ignore Sue's evil plan, so good for that.

This Little Light of Mine - A
Will and Sue singing with pediatric cancer patients? I'd have to be soulless to give this anything less than an A. Plus, it was damn adorable.

I Know What Boys Like - D
I know that Ashley Fink was pretty much channelling the original vocals on this song, but that doesn't necessarily make them good. And the whole "picture everyone in their underwear" thing was just creepy.

Sing - C+
This song isn't really my style. And the hipster lumberjack outfits the glee club members (and Sue) were wearing weren't doing anything for me either. Also, while Sue pointed out that the songs previously performed by "Glee" weren't really anthemic, I wouldn't say this one is either.

As for the big twist at the end of the episode -- Sue getting the gig coaching Aural Intensity, one of McKinley's competitors at regionals -- I'm apprehensive but optimistic. With Cheerios out of the picture, they needed a way to put Sue and Will in competition with each other, and this is more direct than it's ever been. Plus, Sue will obviously use "Sing" for her club at regionals, which means McKinley will have to come up with something new, possibly even the original song Finn has tasked Rachel to write.

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