Desperate Housewives "Flashback" Reaction

Whenever "Desperate Housewives" does an episode where all the housewives are scattered in their own plots, the goal is to have the plots tie into each other thematically while also having each be able to stand alone as strong. However, more often than not, what we end up with is one really strong story, one acceptable story, one disappointing story and one completely horrible story. Sunday's episode, "Flashback," was no exception to that rule, at least where the housewives were concerned. Let's take this from worst to best.

First, the Susan plot. This whole kidney dialysis thing has been strange from the beginning, but kidney stalker guy really took it to another level of creepy. And not "good, Desperate Housewives" creepy, but "unwatchable" creepy. And in the end, EVERYONE came off looking like an asshole, especially Susan, who didn't really seem to do much consulting with Mike when it came to her fate (Mike, though, was pretty busy in this episode, and we'll get to that).

The Lynette story featured the death of Frank the racist rich guy. However, he died at Lynette's house, a day before his new will kicked in, and Lynette's mom convinced Lynette to wait until the next morning to call the coroner, so she'd get her big inheritance. It looks like they're taking this plot in a "money changes people" direction, with Lynette's mom already acting asshole-y, and I just can't be motivated to care about Lynette's mom.

Gaby's story has moved back out of "Creepyville" and is firmly planting itself in "Sentimentalityland", but it's taken a real long time to get here. Plus, I feel like we're getting "revelations" about Gaby's backstory that we already knew, which isn't really groundbreaking when it comes to her character. Still, Eva Longoria is doing such a great acting job on this story that she's blowing everyone else out of the water.

Bree's lies to Keith finally came to a head, when Keith accidentally met his son -- who Bree happened to be watching while Amber was across the street cashing a check -- and they immediately bonded without even knowing about their relationship. Throughout the episode, it became more and more evident to Bree that she was doing something wrong by not telling Keith, but it wasn't until she saw the two of them together that she knew what she had to do. I'm very interested to see where this story goes from here, because it's hard to imagine that Keith could stay with Bree after something like this.

While all that was going on, Paul enlisted Mike's help to track down Zach, who had fallen into a drug-induced stupor. It's weird to see the two of them teaming up, especially after all that's happened this season. While it's nice to have definitive word (at least, as definitive as things get at this point in a "Desperate Housewives" season) that Zach shot Paul, I'm not sure where this story goes from here. In fact, in many ways, this season seems to lack the cohesive single-focus mystery that made so many of the other seasons so good.

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  1. And they have also seemed to have abandoned the whole story about Paul caring that his wife is the daughter of Felicia Tilman. I agree, no real cohesive mystery plot this year like in years' past.


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