Chuck "Chuck Versus the Masquerade" Reaction

I haven't been as excited about this season of "Chuck" as past seasons. I feel like as the main character has moved more into spy life -- while dragging more of the characters around him into that life -- the show's lost a bit of it's heart. There have been plenty of moments that were supposed to be emotional, from the reunion with his mother to the birth of Ellie's child to his proposal to Sarah, none of which really resonated with me in the way the creators intended.

Then there was Monday's episode. While I liked "Chuck Versus the Masquerade" for many reasons, not the least of which was the introduction of Lauren Cohan (late of "The Vampire Diaries") to the ensemble, there was this one particular scene with Chuck and Morgan that stood out.

For various reasons, Morgan came to the realization that he needed to move out of Chuck and Sarah's place. So he got about the business of dividing up all the collectibles in the apartment that he and Chuck had accumulated throughout the years. The scene -- which had its roots a couple scenes earlier in a moment between Morgan and Sarah -- was just really well done. Rather than describe it, I'll just share it with you

OK, that scene was just full of win. The way that Chuck and Morgan were talking about Han and Chewie while skirting around the issue of their own emotions was such a guy thing, and worked on multiple levels.

There were plenty of other things I liked in this episode, including the multiple references to "Eyes Wide Shut", Ellie and Awesome's baby struggles (I get the sense its the first time in their lives that either of them has struggled at anything), and Morgan and Alex's weird Valentine's Day celebration -- not to mention Sarah's Angel outfit -- but the Chuck/Morgan Han/Chewie scene sold the entire episode for me. It's probably my favorite moment in the entire four-season run.

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