Buffy 30th Birthday Giveaway Winner Chosen

Back on January 19th -- Buffy Summers's 30th birthday -- I announced a contest to give away the first 20 issues of the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Season 8 comic, including a copy of the first issue signed by cover artist Jo Chen.

I got a bunch of comments, e-mails and Twitter submissions to enter the contest and today I chose a winner.

So, come on down Jaci822, you're the next contestant on "I won a bunch of Buffy comics from AdamReisinger.com."

I've contacted Jaci822 through her LiveJournal account (the contact she left in her comment on the original post), and hopefully she'll get back to me soon so I can send her the prize. In case you don't feel like clicking on that link above, here's what she wins:

- Buffy #1 (second printing), Signed by Jo Chen
- Buffy #2-4, Jo Chen cover
- Buffy #5-8, Georges Jeanty cover
- Buffy #9-11, Chen cover
- Buffy #12-15, Jon Foster cover
- Buffy #16-20, Chen cover

Doing this giveaway was fun, and if I end up with more stuff to give away, I might do another one around the time of the final Buffy Season 8 trade paperback release, so keep reading AdamReisinger.com.