In Review: January's Best

After a one-month hiatus, the month in review returns, making its 2011 debut. In case you don't remember from way back in 2010, here's the drill: is one of the vanity domains for this site. At the start of each month, I use it to spotlight the 5 most "awesome" posts of the previous month (aka the 5 posts that drew the most traffic).

5. Buffy 30th Birthday Giveaway
Lesson of blogging: if you offer to give away free stuff, people will click on the link. Another lesson: you actually have to give away the stuff. Look for the winner to be announced in a post later today.

4. DC Universe Online Beta Mini-Review
Speaking of things that are coming later, at some point next week, I'll have my review of this game at the one-month mark (decision day for those who bought the game on Day 1 and are reaching the end of their free month). But my review of the beta has been a popular post.

3. Charmed Comic Review, Issue #5: Unnatural Resources
This issue was delayed two weeks, but would have come out in January either way. Hopefully future issues of this series will come out on schedule, and continue to build upon the momentum from the first arc.

2. Desktop Girl of the Week: Izabella Miko
This wasn't the most visited post of the month, but it ended up being my favorite because of this:

Yep, that'd be Miko linking to my post on her official Facebook page. She also sent out the link on Twitter, which makes her officially my favorite DGOW selection ever.

1. Review: Buffy Season 8 #40 - "Last Gleaming, Part 5"
Was there any doubt (especially after the lead image for this post)? In fact, during the month of January, the top five most visited posts for my site among all posts -- not just those posted in January -- were the reviews for the five issues of the "Last Gleaming" arc.


Charmed Comic Review, Issue #4
For about half the month, this was the most recent "Charmed" issue review available, and a lot of people who found my review of Issue #5 have also taken the time to read the review of the previous issue.


As stated above, it was Izabella Miko, and it wasn't even close. She had more than triple the traffic of the next closest January DGOW selection, Laura Vandervoort. Other DGOW selections in January were Lyndsy Fonseca and Andrea Anders.