V "Red Rain" Reaction

Heading into to Tuesday's "V" season premiere, "Red Rain", I was hopeful that last season's cliffhanger ending would lead into more action-driven conflict between humanity and the Visitors. However, as the characters seemed to so frequently point out in this episode, that isn't likely to happen for two reasons. First, the Vs seem to have the capability to wipe out humanity as soon as they want, and second, they don't WANT to, because they seem to need humans for some yet unknown (but hinted at) reason.

So, instead of some giant battle, we got more of the slow build between our small group of Fifth Column terrorists/revolutionaries and the manipulative Visitors, though at least this time Bret Harrison (formerly of "Reaper") is along to lighten up the ride. Despite that addition, and the apparent conversion of Scott Wolf's television host to the cause of Fifth Column, the show seems decidedly stuck in the same mode it was in Season 1, bordering on taking risks -- such as when Anna revealed her tail and slashed off a Visitor's human face before killing him -- but then pulling back and getting back to more Erica-Tyler melodrama.

The episode wasn't bad, not by any stretch, but it wasn't good either. It just was. None of the developments in the show -- whether it was Harrison's scientist revealing a V skeleton or Anna letting Ryan go or Tyler and Lisa taking their relationship to the next level -- were particularly groundbreaking. Even the revelation that the Vs may have experimented on Tyler when he was in Erica's womb was more of an "oh, that makes sense" moment than something that really grabbed your attention. In many ways, the show is starting to remind me of "Heroes" from Season 2 on, where you kept waiting for something huge to happen, but instead all you got was a slow trickle of progress.

The episode ended with the introduction of Jane Badler (from the original series) as Anna's mother Diana. Hopefully her addition to the cast will bring out more interesting developments for those characters, since I care way more about the Visitors and their endgame than I do anyone involved with Fifth Column.

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