V "Laid Bare" Reaction

The most popular sports movies generally feature a scrappy underdog rising up against unbeatable odds to do the impossible. It happens time and time again, and we eat it up. But sports movies are generally only 90 minutes to two hours long. They didn't do a series of movies on Rocky's shitty boxing career prior to facing Apollo Creed, because no one wanted to watch Rocky get his ass kicked both in and out of the ring week after week.

Well, "V" is turning into the science fiction version of exactly that. This week's episode, "Laid Bare", once again featured our small group of Fifth Column anti-V "terrorists" making the smallest bit of progress, while the Visitors made so much more. Erica and her merry band of misfits captured Erica's partner, a V posing as a human, and managed to get enough information from her to save one girl who'd run away from home.  Meanwhile, that girl was just a single person among dozens rounded up by one of the Vs, as part of Anna's ongoing plot to find and eliminate the human soul -- a plot that involves the deaths of hundreds of thousands of humans in the name of V research.

The scorecard on that one is so lopsided that if it were a football game, the Vs would have put in their backups in the second quarter, and by the end they'd just be taking knees to avoid further embarrassment to the human race.

There was also a plot involving Anna manipulating Chad and Father Jack, which was just another pathetic defeat for the humans, who always seem to be playing catch up on this show.

This is one of the many core problems with "V". The visitors are so far ahead of the humans in both planning and execution that the few successes Fifth Column have had pale in comparison, and I'm left wondering every week why Anna even seems threatened by them.

Now, on the other hand, Anna does face a legitimate threat in Lisa, her daughter and future queen. On the ship where Anna picked up on Lisa's emotional reaction to the "soul-removing machine" (and, wow, does that sound stupid, but that's pretty much what it was), and made her operate it, as a test of her dedication. The scene was solid, and Laura Vandervoort's subsequent scene with Erica was even better. The conflict between Anna and Lisa is much more interesting than the conflict between the Vs and Fifth Column, and Lisa represents something Fifth Column doesn't come close to being: a legitimate threat.

And let's be honest, while it'd be cool to see the Pirates rise up and beat the Yankees, that could take decades. But Lisa could be the Red Sox to Anna's Yankees, and while I don't like the idea of rooting for the Red Sox, a Red Sox-Yankees thriller -- say the 2004 ALCS -- is much more interesting than an Yankees-Pirates beatdown.

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