Tweaking My TV Schedule for 2011

If you click over to the 2010-11 TV Reviews page, you might notice some changes from the Fall 2010 schedule. With networks readying their midseason replacements, there have been two additions to my viewing schedule:

- ABC's "V" returns this week, and airs regularly on Tuesdays at 9, shifting "No Ordinary Family" back to 8 (and back into direct conflict with "Glee").
- NBC's "The Cape" premieres next Sunday, then settles into a regular airing on Mondays -- in "The Event"'s old slot, while that show chills for awhile and figures out what the hell it's doing.

Aside from those two additions, the networks have moved some other things around, causing some other changes in my schedule:

- "Hellcats" moves from Wednesdays to Tuesdays, where it'll be in direct conflict with V, leaving it stuck with DVR status.
- "Fringe" moves from Thursdays to Fridays, which probably isn't good for the series' long-term survival, but at least increases the chances that I'll be able to watch it consistently.

Other than that, I've made one additional non-schedule related tweak to my viewing, upgrading "The Vampire Diaries" to full DVR status and dropping "Shit My Dad Says" off the regular schedule. That doesn't mean I won't watch it anymore, but I might not catch up with it until Saturday or Sunday, which is also when I catch up on "Bones" (which has been off the priority schedule for a couple years now) and the last remaining episodes of "Running Wilde" (which never made it on to the priority schedule before being justifiably canceled).

If there are any other midseason replacement shows you think I should give a chance, let me know in the comments. I'm still on the fence on the Matthew Perry ABC show "Mr. Sunshine", and leaning toward not bothering.