Modern Family "Caught in the Act" Reaction

It's such a subtle thing, but I love how the title of this week's "Modern Family" episode, "Caught in the Act," is designed to make reference to the heavily promoted Phil/Claire and kids story, but also sums up the other two stories perfectly as well.

That primary story -- where Phil and Claire's kids walk in on them having sex -- was the heavily promoted one and I thought it really gave the Dunphy kids a chance to shine. Sarah Hyland had one of her best episodes, and I loved the little things, like having the cup of coffee at the gas station and almost imperceptibly acting like a mother to the group.

The Mitchell and Cam story was another chance for the two of them to shine alongside a guest star. This week it was Rachael Harris, playing the divorced mother of one of Lily's classmates and the owner of a hot new restaurant where Mitchell and Cam wanted to get reservations. Harris played pretty much her standard character, but it worked, especially playing off Mitchell and Cam.

But once again, Sofia Vergara stole the episode. In the opening scene, she wanted to find a tactful way to tell Claire that she wasn't going to be able to help with the school bake sale. Jay offered to help, but as a joke, he typed out her mean words directly, and Gloria accidentally sent the e-mail. Jay and Gloria tried calling Claire to apologize, but they got caught in the aftermath of the sex incident, so Gloria made them go over there in person, leading to this incredibly awkward but hilarious exchange between Gloria, Claire and Phil.

Phil's "I may pass out" is just priceless. And later, when Gloria needs to get into Claire's e-mail (to delete the offending message) and makes up the excuse that she accidentally sent Claire nude photos of herself? That was beyond phenomenal. The whole story between Jay, Gloria, Phil and Claire might be the second-funniest thing I've seen on TV this season (I'm not sure anything will top Liz Lemon shotgunning a pizza. Again, that almost killed me).

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