Jersey Monday: Plaxico Burress

This weekend, the Patriots suffered an embarrassing end to what had been a spectacular regular season, while the Steelers won, advancing in the playoffs. Which of the jerseys in my vast collection could possibly capture both of those AFC playoff moments?

Come on down, Plaxico Burress! Not literally, of course, since you're still in jail, but in jersey form.

Most people remember Burress as a Giant (or a self-shooter), because of his game-winning touchdown against the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, but he started his career with the Steelers. I got this jersey in Pittsburgh the day before a Ravens-Steelers game, though one that didn't go quite as well as Saturday's (it was a 16-0 shutout win for the Ravens in the final season opener at Three Rivers Stadium).

Burress was a rookie that season, and had worn #88 all through training camp and the preseason. But just before the regular season, Burress gave the number back to veteran WR Courtney Hawkins, who'd re-signed with the team back in July, which meant that this jersey was out-of-date within 24 hours of my purchase.

Despite the dated-ness of it, I still wore this jersey enough to wear out the numbers on the front, though somehow the numbers on the back still look as fresh as the day I bought the jersey.

Jersey Monday will continue every Monday until I run out of jerseys to spotlight. And since I’ve got more than 150 of them, that could be awhile.