Jersey Monday: James Harrison

So this is something of a departure for "Jersey Monday" -- and not just because it's so late. I'm featuring a jersey I don't own... yet.

I already have four different Steelers jerseys, two of which I'm actually not ashamed to wear, but I wanted to get a new one for this year's Super Bowl, so I put in an order today for a James Harrison jersey with the Super Bowl XLV logo on the front.

Why Harrison? Well, all of my existing Steelers jerseys are of offensive players (a quarterback and three wide receivers), so I wanted to go defense with this one, and Harrison seemed like as good a choice as any (plus, I don't have many good jerseys in the 90s, so this will be a  nice addition to the overall roster).

Once I have this jersey in hand, it'll be "one of two" in two different categories. It becomes just my second white Steelers jersey, and my first with the modernized number style, and it's just my second jersey in any sport with a championship logo designation (joining my gold Kobe Bryant jersey with the Finals logo).

Also, by adding a fifth Steelers jersey to my collection, Pittsburgh moves up in the overall total jerseys rankings. Here's where things stand as of the order of this jersey (and one other in-shipment order that will probably get delivered this week):

Team Total Jerseys Diff. Players
Washington Redskins (NFL) 11 11
Miami Heat (NBA) 6 3
Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA) 5* 2
New York Mets (MLB) 5 4
Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) 5 5
* - does not include All-Star jerseys