Getting Sick of the "Buffy" Reboot Trashing

I've been against the idea of a Joss Whedon-less "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" reboot from the beginning. Hell, I'm not even sure I'd be for a Joss-helmed "Buffy" reboot, since I don't believe "Buffy" needs to be rebooted. I expressed my feelings on the whole thing back in November, and left it alone, mostly because I've kind of hoped the whole thing would quietly go away.

Instead, something else entirely has happened. While the creators of the movie, including Warner Bros. and writer Whit Anderson, have remained mostly silent on the project -- which isn't completely written yet and isn't scheduled to be released until an undetermined date in 2012 -- it seems the media has decided to get EVERY SINGLE PERSON EVER affiliated with the original "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV series to express their negative feelings about the movie.

Let's run them down:

- Anthony Head (Giles): "It's appalling. Absolutely appalling."
- Alyson Hannigan (Willow): "I would crap on that. Joss was Buffy."
- Nicholas Brendon (Xander): "I think it's a mistake."
- Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia): "Stupid. No Joss? A real head scratcher."
- David Boreanaz (Angel):
- Seth Green (Oz): "The fact that people who are not connected to it and were not connected to the show or any of the mythology that was created going back to the movie ... I think that really confuses people."

OK, look, we get it. No one likes this idea. We knew that when the movie was announced in November. Nothing's changed since then. But every time a cast member is asked about it -- and understand that they're only expressing their opinions in response to media or fan questions; no one has just come out unprovoked and trashed this idea -- it gets reported on by the entertainment media and throughout fandom like it's news.

Well, newsflash: it's not. OF COURSE those involved with the original project don't like the idea of a reboot, because the goal of any reboot or remake is to make people accept the new material over the original. In fact, "Buffy" has its own history with this, as the show was in its own way a reboot of the movie, ignoring the changes that were made to the final film and continuing the story from the end of Whedon's original screenplay.

Interestingly, Kristy Swanson -- who played Buffy in the original movie, but was ignored and surpassed by the TV series -- has expressed interest in playing a role in the reboot. Obviously, because of Whedon's reduced role in making the original movie happen, Swanson doesn't feel the need to express the "Joss IS Buffy" feelings that everyone else has been parrotting, but I think she also sees an opportunity to shine light on her original work by being involved in the remake. The stars of the "Buffy" TV series don't see that same opportunity, because their work has yet to be overshadowed.

Personally, I haven't changed my opinion of the project, but maybe I'm starting to be part of the "backlash to the backlash" movement. How about we just let the movie start to be made -- or quietly cancelled -- before we bury it, OK?


  1. sorry, but i disagree. the actors of the original buffy are just giving voice to exactly what the fandom is saying- "WHAT THE FUCK?? NONONONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!"

  2. oh, and also what fans are saying- "DIE, EVIL FIEND, DIE!!"

  3. I don't understand WHY you feel the need to flip-flop now that a some of the Buffy alums have expressed what they felt. You even said it yourself that you anticipated this, so I don't get why you feel compelled to change your views. It doesn't even make sense. Why would you change how you thought about the reboot just because the actors are speaking their minds?

  4. The sheer amount of actors coming out to express their disdain only capitalizes on how crappy the project actually is. What's wrong with that? We all KNOW it. Why is it bad that the fandom's feelings are made "official" in this way?

  5. LMAO. Joss IS Buffy. The 1992 movie was a steaming pile of crap, and Joss was censored as hell on it. It doesn't even COMPARE to the complexities of the TV series. Kristy Swanson is just mad that the pathetic flop of the 1992 movie was her only semblance of a career. Her role in the Buffy franchise was minimal at best - the 1992 movie can't even be considered as a shadow of the series in quality OR success. So OF COURSE she would want a role in this movie - she's trying to relive her glory days riding the coattails of a movie *reboot* of a series that soared without her. And, you know, waaay back when she wasn't standing in the unemployment line.


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