Desperate Housewives "I'm Still Here" Reaction

It's weird to see which storylines "Desperate Housewives" chooses to drag out, and which ones it resolves quickly, because sometimes -- particularly this season -- the choices don't always make sense.

For example, the Lynette-Tom cheating issue seems to have been entirely resolved, to the point that Lynette got a completely unrelated story in this week's episode, "I'm Still Here", involving her mother and a future husband who Lynette couldn't stand. But while Lynette and Tom seem to have chosen to ignore what was a major issue just a couple weeks ago, Renee's drama with Tom has morphed into some kind of remorse over never having a child. Yeah, trust me, it made even less sense playing out on screen.

Speaking of child stories that make no sense, Gaby's descent into madness over her loss of Grace continues to be one of the least-appealing stories the show's ever done. It's gone beyond funny-creepy to just straight-up creepy. If it doesn't end up with Gaby in a straightjacket, then what's the point? The Grace story was dramatic enough without adding this unnecessary layer of melodrama on top of it. But, then again, what is "Desperate Housewives" if not a show about unnecessary melodrama?

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