Desperate Housewives "Assassins" Reaction

This week's episode of "Desperate Housewives", "Assassins" was something of a microcosm of the season for me. I enjoyed most of the Paul Young-centered stuff, including the brief fake-out on the identity of his shooters, but something about each of the individual storylines with the four main housewives just didn't resonate with me.

For a good portion of the episode we were misled to believe that Mike Delfino had been the one to shoot Paul, which quite frankly would have made a lot of sense, as Mike as more motive to kill Paul than anyone on the street (remember, their history goes way back to Season 1). And, in all honestly, while Mike denied to Felicia Tillman that he was the shooter, that doesn't entirely rule him out, because a jailhouse conversation wouldn't exactly be the best setting for a confession from Mike.

Paul's overall mystery also got a little less mysterious as -- thanks to the police investigation into his shooting -- the real identity of his wife was revealed to him. It'll be interesting to see what Paul does with this information in the next few episodes.

As for the housewives, let's run this down one-by-one, with my reasons for not liking each of their stories:

- Orson showed up at Bree's where Keith had just moved in, and it turns out Orson's still in love with Bree. Near the end of the episode, Bree made some crazy grand gesture to prove she loved Keith, but she could have just as easily done that by not treating him like crap the entire rest of the episode.

- Susan lost a kidney in the riot and the other one isn't functioning properly, so she needs to go on dialysis before possibly getting a transplant in 3-5 years. This is just an icky development, and I get the feeling it's going to get resolved quickly, which is good for the watchability of the show, but bad for the plausibility.

- Renee told Lynette about sleeping with Tom 20 years ago, and Lynette reacted by... telling Renee not to tell Tom, then taking petty revenge on Tom? Umm... ok? Also, if Tom and Lynette were engaged 20 years ago, then how was Kayla (who should be 20 now based on the show's timeline) born before Tom and Lynette met? Or is the show fudging its own timeline?

- And then there's Gaby, who appears to have just gone off the deep end now that she's been told -- by Juanita's therapist and more forcefully by Carlos -- that Grace can't be part of her life in any way. I mean, just watch this scene, which is almost as creepy as anything that's appeared on any show I've watched outside of "Fringe" this season:

That's just... wow... I mean, there's Paul Young creepy, then there's that. And I'd much prefer more of the Paul Young story, and less of the Gaby/Grace plot, which seems like it was introduced without much of an endgame, and the writers don't know where to go with it now.