Desktop Girl of the Week: Laura Vandervoort

I may not have been that thrilled with Tuesday's season premiere of "V", but that doesn't mean I wasn't excited about seeing Laura Vandervoort on my TV screen again. The former Supergirl (on "Smallville") plays Lisa on "V" and it appears that her character could be the pivotal one in the show -- assuming they ever get around to whatever major conflict is supposed to happen.

The 26-year-old Vandervoort has been acting since she was in her early teens, but mostly in minor roles -- and a starring role in the teen-centric show "Instant Star" -- which explains how I've only seen her in "Smallville" and "V". Still, I was incredibly excited to meet her -- and other V cast members -- this past October at New York Comic Con. She may have been better looking in person than she appears in photos, and she was incredibly sweet. Then again, that's to be expected, since she is Canadian.

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