Desktop Girl of the Week: Izabella Miko

I was watching this week's episode of "The Cape", and about halfway through, I just couldn't bring myself to care what was happening in the episode. Then they cut to another scene at the Carnival of Crime (man, does that sound SO stupid), and Izabella Miko appeared on screen.

So far, her character hasn't had much to do on the show but sit there and look pretty (and motivate Summer Glau to get into a leotard, which is so much better than anything anyone else has done on the show), and she's done that exquisitely. But there's something about her wide eyes that convey depth without her having to say anything. Seriously, it's not just the makeup in that picture above -- she really does have great eyes.

Miko is probably best known for her role as Cammie in the "chick-flick-masked-as-a-guy-movie" "Coyote Ugly". I was shocked to realize upon doing some research for this entry that "Coyote Ugly" came out almost 11 years ago. That makes me feel ridiculously old, especially because Miko barely looks like she's aged.

Like her "Cape" co-star Glau, Miko has classic ballet training, which has already been used on the show and hopefully will come into play as we learn more about her character, like how the writers of "Firefly" weaved Glau's dance background into her character. Then again, I'd settle for just getting more of her, and less boring talk about the mystical cape itself.

As always with DGOW, I’ll provide a widescreen (1680x1050) image for downloading. If you want to see past DGOW, then just check the archive album.


  1. Love her, love her, love her!!!! She is the only reason why I watch the cape.. hopefully they'll give her some lines.

  2. I love her too! She is so talented. I will definitely check out the cape if she is in it. I just love her compassion for the planet too! She has a eco non-profit called EkoMiko...and just launched a super sexy green candle line.

    The scents are AMAZING!!!!!

  3. Izabella is amazing! I had the good fortune of photographing her for EkoMiko. Check out one of her images on my site:

  4. She is so talented .She is the most beautiful and Earth caring woman in Hollyweird. A true pleasure to have met and worked with her. WOW is she Hot!

  5. She's not only gorgeous on the outside, but on the inside as well. She cares about deeper issues that really matter which make her even more sexy!

  6. Izabela is amazing,cool and most talented actress ever. Love You .


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