Desktop Girl of the Week: Andrea Anders

I was watching TV today and saw a promo for the upcoming Matthew Perry show "Mr. Sunshine." I was about to fast forward it when I yelled out at the screen, "it's Linda!". Well, it wasn't "Linda" per se, but actress Andrea Anders, who'll appear with Perry in the show and most recently appeared on ABC's unfairly cancelled sitcom "Better Off Ted."

The 35-year-old Anders -- who, incidentally looks incredible, even more so for her age, which I would have pegged as late 20s before looking it up -- has been acting since 2001. She's appeared mostly in sitcoms, with something of an unlikely track record. After a recurring role in the final season of "Oz", she was cast in "Joey", NBC's "Friends" spinoff. That only lasted two seasons. From there, she bounced to "The Class", which was cancelled after 19 episodes, then the aforementioned "Better Off Ted", which really deserved more than the 26 episodes it got.

Looking at that track record, it'd be easy to think that Anders is the problem -- sort of a Ted McGinley-esque jinx -- but I really like her acting, particularly on "Better Off Ted." I just think she's ended up with bad projects, and I'm not sure "Mr. Sunshine" is going to be any different. But if it doesn't work out, maybe a few years she'll do a sitcom with David Schwimmer to complete the "Friends" trifecta.

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