Chuck "Chuck Versus the Gobbler" Reaction

You'd be forgiven if you were thrown off by the episode title of this week's "Chuck", which seems more appropriate for a Thanksgiving episode than one in late January. But "Chuck Versus the Gobbler" had nothing to do with turkeys and everything to do with relationships.

The three main relationships spotlighted in this episode were Chuck and Sarah (obviously), Morgan and Alex (Casey's daughter) and Ellie and Awesome. There was a nice little theme of "trust and honest" working as an undercurrent with the episode, but it wasn't thrown in our faces, which is something "Chuck" has struggled with this season.

I think the show tried a little too hard to make us think that Sarah could possibly fall victim to the same temptations that led Chuck's mother to work with Volkoff all these years, when we know that the odds of that happening in the long run are zip and zilch.

The main mission of the episode was Sarah (working undercover for Volkoff) breaking one of Volkoff's men -- The Gobbler -- out of prison, and using Chuck and Casey to do it. The funny thing was, when Volkoff was reunited with The Gobbler, he shot him point blank, dispatching of him without a second thought. However, he manages to not do the same to Sarah, Chuck or Chuck's mother at any point in this, or any previous episode. I know it's unlikely for a show to kill off a major character, but then you can't have those characters CONSTANTLY interacting with a villain who's shown he'll kill with almost no motivation. It's just eye-roll inducing, and it really killed any enjoyment I might have taken out of this episode.

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