Castle "Poof! You're Dead" Reaction

Monday's episode of "Castle", "Poof! You're Dead", featured another of the show's typically atypical cases. A body of a magic shop owner is found dead at his shop with a suspicious suicide note. As Beckett and Castle investigate the case, their leads take many twists and turns, and eventually they discover the murder victim was part of a billionaire's plot to fake his own death, then was killed by the billionaire to clean up his tracks.

Even by the loose standards set on "Castle", this case seemed more unbelievable than most, and the personal stories going on this week -- Castle avoiding, then breaking up with, Gina, and Esposito and Lanie hiding their budding romance from the rest of the gang -- weren't strong enough to distract from the absurdity of the plot. When Beckett coerced a confession from the killer using the victim's twin brother made up like a ghost, a technique that if discovered would immediately get the case thrown out in court, it was the absurd cherry on top of an already-ridiculous sundae.

The Lanie-Esposito romance is a nice addition for those two characters, who have rarely been given more to do that what their jobs require of them, but it came entirely out of nowhere. Then, at the end, Castle, Beckett and Ryan revealed (to each other, not to Esposito or Lanie) that they've known all along, despite the horrid efforts of the couple to keep it a secret. So what was the point of building up all the secret-keeping? To set up a single lame joke?

At least the Castle-Gina storyline had some promising developments, because now that they're officially broken up -- and broken up because Castle realized he no longer has feelings for her -- it paves the way for Castle to get with Beckett. Now there's just pesky Dr. Motorcycle Boy (Castle's name, not mine) to deal with.

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